Motor Fleet Insurance

Motor Fleet Insurance

Penton Insurance brokers London have provided tailored motor fleet insurance solutions to local clients in London and across the UK for over 30 years.

Motor Fleet insurance can in many instances save you on costs of running company vehicles and allow you to get on with serving your customers, delivering equipment or goods or just transporting people to various places. If you are running several vehicles, 3+ then you could gain from combining them all into one fleet policy. Whether you own cars, vans, lorries or any combination of these, we will arrange a quotation to cover all your vehicles under the one comprehensive policy for any number of drivers thus making it easier for you to manage as well as saving you on administration and money too.

Cost Effective Tailored Motor Fleet Insurance Solutions

You will find that this will prove to be the most cost effective way of insuring all your vehicles compared to insuring them individually. Our motor fleet insurance policies can be custom made to your needs, so insuring any driver you require, goods in transit, breakdown recovery or whatever you may need.

At Penton Insurance brokers London, we have been finding people the best deals on their motor fleet insurance for over 30 years. Based in Highbury and Islington we have a huge amount of experience at finding you the best and most comprehensive cover going.

Save yourself money and hassle. Call us now on 0207 354 2570 and let one of our expert fleet insurance staff help you through the process. If you would prefer you can use the form below and one of our staff will contact you back directly.


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